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      "My Art is an eternal dream, not mine alone, but also a dream of mankind. Without mankind's participation, art would remain but a concealed dream. I am convinced that I bring more beauty and reason into the world, at a time when people, tired of empty words, need spiritual support.

      Art is an individual message addressed to mankind.

      I dwell in the abyss and paint that which I see with the eyes of my mind; for me art is a vision, an act of generosity, a supreme act of individual freedom, a great power to love.

    In life, as in art, I followed my own path; I perpetuated my dream, thus helping others to discover their own. I live to create, always knowing how to be and remain a victor."



The official website of SABIN BALASA (1932-2008) provides a comprehensive and accurate display of his lifetime work, presenting a selection of representative creations and relevant information about the author.
Created and published by Tudor Balasa.

All works by Sabin Balasa are copyrighted.